1. Tips For Designing Your Custom Built Home

    There’s no denying that designing and building a custom home is a lot of fun; it’s one reason that the architects and custom home builders at Florida Luxury Home Builders have been doing it for more than 30 years! For those who are new to home designing, and are working with our architects to build their dream home in Cape Coral, we’ve put together this quick list of tips for designing your …Read More

  2. The Most Sought After Features In Custom Built Homes

    Designing your own home is an exciting and enjoyable task. But sometimes, you might feel overwhelmed with the options of what you want to see in your new home. Maybe you want a pool in your backyard or a second living room? Or, maybe you want an extra large, jacuzzi-style tub in the bathroom to go along with your new library? If you’re looking for inspiration for what to include in your new home…Read More

  3. Welcome!

    Welcome to Florida Luxury Home Builders' new site!  We're extremely excited to meet you serve you as you move to Florida!…Read More